work: community and project management

Community moderator

When it comes to software, the open source development model has proven to be disruptive, but Red Hat realized that the open source principles go beyond software and technology. These principles are as relevant and as disruptive in sectors like business, education, law, and health. From this was born and today it is a vibrant community of knowledge and stories.

I was part of the inaugural team, project managing all design-related aspects of the site. I was also the moderator of the education channel where I connected and grew a community of authors, generated content, authored articles, and ensured a regular publishing cadence. 

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Brand standards

Anything great has standards. Red Hat's brand is no different. Creating brand standards is a balancing act — as is project managing it. Here are four rules we kept top-of-mind: (1) What stays the same so everything else be different? (2) Knowing the rules and documenting the rules are different things (3) Strike the balance between thoroughness and brevity (4) Speak clearly

v2 was created in collaboration, as the project manager, with Josh Gajownik, Design lead; Jonathan Opp, Content lead

v3 was created in collaboration, as the project manager, with Josh Gajownik and Colleen Shelly, Design leads; Colin Dodd and Bascha Harris, Content leads



The Red Hat story

Red Hat has a great story — and naturally, documenting it defaulted to openness, inclusiveness, and company-wide input which also meant project management was a must-have.

Created in collaboration, as the project manager, with Adrienne Gajownik, Design lead, Jonathan Opp, Content lead; and well, the rest of the company.