work: creative strategy

The Assembly awareness campaign

We wanted to let it be known that The Assembly is a community and resource for independent creatives — a space where you will be understood, where you can find creative collaborators, and where you can scale your business. Our approach: humorously address the struggles of being independent.

Created in collaboration, as Creative Strategist and Copywriter , with Gino Reyes, Creative Direction and Design



Red Hat brand awareness campaign

When you have a brand with so many great stories, it can be hard to focus on just one thing. Unfortunately money doesn't grow on trees and attention spans are not limitless so every part of Red Hat's  Tried. Tested. Trusted. corporate awareness campaign was met with the "surgical strike" mentality — from creative creation to our media placements.  The team gained clarity and precision by narrowing in on and understanding who we are talking to and what matters to them. 

Created in collaboration, as Creative Strategy lead, with Jessica Cox, Libby Levi, and Chelsea Devorak, Design leads; Colin Dodd and Matt Morain, Content leads; Jen Mara, Brand Management lead; John Adams, Leigh Day, Jeff Mackanic, and Jackie Yeaney, Executive sponsors



Blitz campaign

If you are in the enterprise technology industry you have at least heard of OpenStack. In 2013 the buzz around this emerging technology was growing from exciting rumblings to loud roars — there was a lot of hype but there was also a lot of legitimacy. If you were on the receiving end of the OpenStack conversation it was hard to distinguish which was which and who you should listen to.

Red Hat's initial investments and resources went to putting engineers on the upstream project. After a year of hard work, we had a lot to talk about so when the NYSE, the stock exchange Red Hat is listed on, offered us free billboard space along Highway 101 we saw it as an opportunity to update the market on our progress. 

With zero interest in adding to the hype, we built assets that highlighted facts and stats and featured subject matter experts in engineering, like this video series. We also placed print ads that corresponded with the billboard as well as utilizing social media outlets to ignite Red Hat Nation. 

Created in collaboration, as the Creative Strategy lead and video interviewer, with Mark McLoughlin, Engineer and subject matter expert; Jessica Cox, Design lead; Matt Morain, Content lead; Megan Kennedy, Video Editor lead; Ellie Johnson, Web Strategist; Stephanie Wonderlick, PR lead; Leigh Day, Project Sponsor

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