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City of Raleigh rebrand

New logo designed, by The Assembly, for the City of Raleigh

New logo designed, by The Assembly, for the City of Raleigh

As part of the City of Raleigh’s strategic plan process they discovered the need to develop and implement a comprehensive communications policy and plan to effectively tell the City of Raleigh’s story. The rebrand was one important part of this initiative and their priorities included:

  • Improve residents’ experience while also gaining internal efficiencies by minimizing departmental communication fragmentation
    The City’s departments used different images and versions of the city seal to brand their communications, as a result, the City of Raleigh’s brand is not easily identifiable nor are citizens’ interactions with the City consistent.

  • Maintain the officialness of the City’s seal by no longer using it interchangeably as both a seal and a logo
    The City’s seal was designed to be used on official documents. The new logo, on the other hand, serves as an official brand mark that is more appropriate for day-to-day communication and interaction with residents.

The City of Raleigh hired The Assembly to lead in design and development of the city’s first logo as well as build their brand guidelines.

Created in collaboration, as creative strategy, writer, and facilitator, with: Gino Reyes and Joshua Gajownik; creative direction and design lead, Sarah and Daniel Faucette; design, and Cubic, Inc.; brand positioning. 

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Vision & keynotes

Never underestimate the power of a person sharing a vision and telling a story on a topic they are passionate about. I've had the privilege to collaborate with some of Red Hat's most senior executives to craft impactful stories for the main stage at events around the globe. 

Each keynote was created in collaboration, as story lead, with the speaker, various subject matter experts, and Red Hat's in-house creative team.




The OpenStack Summit is a bi-annual event where the community behind OpenStack comes together. As a lead sponsor at the Fall 2014 OpenStack Summit in Paris, Red Hat wanted to acknowledge not only the power of participation but the community at large — after all, technology is only as strong as the people that stand behind it. This premiered on the main stage.  

Created in collaboration, as strategy and script lead, with: Mark McLoughlin; Engineer and subject matter expert; Laura Walters, Animation lead; Matt Morain, Editor; Megan Kennedy, Voice-over