work: writing

The Assembly website

The purpose of The Assembly’s website is to educate people on who we are, what we believe, why we are different, and to attract likeminded people — be it as a studio mate or creative partner.

Created in collaboration, as copywriter / UX Writer, with Nikelle Orellana-Reyes, Website Strategist and Designer; Gino Reyes, and Joshua Gajownik, Designer


The More We Get Together

The Assembly was not only a studio for independent creatives it also had the ability to host retail vendors. During the 2018 holiday season, we hosted a pop-up for local artists and vendors. Our line-up included goods from local jewelry artists, community book store, ceramicist, fashion designer, furniture maker, zines curator, and coffee shop. The More We Get Together series was built to not only highlight vendors but the idea that the more we get together, the more likely we are to create opportunities we couldn’t anticipate.

Created in collaboration, as copywriter, with Gino Reyes, Creative Direction and Design and Tyler Northrup, Photographer


The Assembly awareness campaign

We wanted to let it be known that The Assembly is a community and resource for independent creatives — a space where you will be understood, where you can find creative collaborators, and where you can scale your business. Our approach: humorously address the struggles of being independent.

Created in collaboration, as creative strategist and copywriter , with Gino Reyes, Creative Direction and Design



Video script

The OpenStack Summit is a bi-annual event where the community behind OpenStack comes together. As a lead sponsor at the Fall 2014 OpenStack Summit in Paris, Red Hat wanted to acknowledge not only the power of participation but the community at large — after all, technology is only as strong as the people that stand behind it. This premiered on the main stage. 

Created in collaboration, as creative strategist and script lead, with: Mark McLoughlin; Engineer and subject matter expert; Laura Walters, Animation lead; Matt Morain, Editor; Megan Kennedy, Voice-over